This game is Scoreloop enabled. That means, you don't have to play it alone! You can compare your scores with other gamers worldwide and even challenge them directly.

You can challenge just about anyone like your contacts or buddies on Facebook. Or you can simply challenge existing players by tapping their name in the high score list. You can also create and accept anonymous challenges. Scoreloop will make sure you play against someone who is about as skilled as you are. And if you really perform well, you can win medals that show your skills to your opponents in your profile.

Follow the link for more info on Scoreloop.


Flik was reviewed on AppCraver - 'Flik is Fast-Paced Missile Flicking Fun'. The full review can be found here. One of the reviewer's suggestions has just been implemented in Flik 1.0.3 - there is now a pause at the start of each level to give you time to puzzle out the level.

Flik was reviewed on iPhoneAppReviews.net - 'definitely worth checking out!'. The full review can be found here


Flik is an exciting, fast-paced puzzle game. Your goal is to destroy all the targets on each level by launching different projectiles into them. Each level has a different layout, number of projectiles, and amount of time allowed to complete. Try to beat them all!

You launch a projectile by placing your finger on the projectile in the launch area and flicking in the direction you want it to go. The speed of your flick influences the speed of the projectile. Some blocks you hit give you extra ammo or extra time. Read the help included with the game for more information on how to play or click here to read it online.