Kascade is a reimagining of the classic color matching game with a few new twists. The goal is to remove as many blocks as you can. Just select 3 or more adjacent blocks of the same color by touching one of the blocks. Once highlighted, touch one of the blocks again to remove and cause other blocks to cascade down. Higher scores are given for larger numbers of blocks removed simultaneously.

Play the Classic mode for a quick game or the Columns mode for an extended gaming session. See why people have played thousands of games!

This has been tested for iPhone OS 3.0.

Added in version 1.1.0, Kascade now includes OpenFeint integration and over 50 achievements to unlock! Click on the OpenFeint icon in the upper right of the Title screen to open the dashboard.


Landscape mode - more blocks means larger scores!

Two different game modes

  • Classic: try to remove all the blocks
  • Columns: adds new blocks for every column that is removed; see how long you can keep playing

Select from 3 or 4 colors to play with.

Online scoreboard - compete against people worldwide

Sound effects - still allows you to play your own music

Autosave feature - pickup your game where you left off

Symbols - optional feature to show symbols to assist in distinguishing colors

Wildcards - wildcards match any block but can be locked or unlocked as needed